Internet service

Internet service:

Access to the internet is reserved to the members of the municipal library regardless of residence and nationality. A free registration to the service is necessary in order to surf the net on the computers available in the multimedia room (up to 3 times a week for a maximum of 1 hour each time). We recommend booking, also possible over the phone. The same registration allows the user free wireless connection inside the study rooms, the multimedia room and the inner court on a personal computer or other device.

Digital library of Alto Garda and Valle di Ledro:

The municipal Library of Arco joined the platform Medialibrary on line in 2011 together with the Town Library of Nago Torbole, the Civic Library of Riva del Garda and the Library of Valle di Ledro which allows the users to gain access to an important section with a huge amount of ordered information accessible on the web. In this way the service meets its original mission of providing an interface between the user and the world of information. After a free registration to the service, you may consult one of the associated libraries, have access to more than 90.000 virtual documents, comprising of e-books, audio books, audio and video files, online newspapers and magazines from all over the world directly to your computer.