Information and Research

Information and consultation:

The library staff provides information regarding the research of texts present in the library of Arco and / or in the other libraries in the Bibliographic Catalog of Trentino. Moreover the staff helps with the search of information relating to any particular subject including using the internet.

Book research:

Computers connected to the Bibliographic Catalog of Trentino. allow independent research of texts in all the libraries of the province.


Users can consult all the books in the library. By Filing a request directly to the manager it is also possible to consult the books belonging to the “ancient holdings”, a collection of the greatest value.

Newspapers and magazines:

National newspapers and magazines are available for reading and/or consultation in the library. It is also possible to request newspapers and some magazines dating back up to 1 year for local newspapers and up to three month for national newspapers.

Study and research:

In the two study rooms users can find books for consultation that are directly accessible.

Photo reproduction:

It is possible to use, at a fee, a photocopier to make copies in accordance with the copyright laws and taking care not to damage the document. The service is only available for the books belonging to the holdings.